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Why White Flowers Are Predominate at Easter


    • White flowers--like many objects that are white, including wedding gowns--symbolize purity and new beginnings. They also signify hope.


    • The meaning of many flowers can be traced to ancient times. Trumpet-shaped white Easter lilies, the flower most commonly associated with Easter, are an ancient symbol of the resurrection, reflecting purity, hope and freshness.


    • From around the 12th century, lilies have been associated with the annunciation to Mary of Christ's birth. To symbolize purity, the angel Gabriel can be seen in early paintings offering Mary pure white lilies; in other paintings, saints are bringing vases of white lilies to Mary and baby Jesus.

    Other Considerations

    • Easter lilies are not the only flowers associated with Easter and spring with white or light coloring. Daffodils, which are also often of light, delicate hues, are common in the season, as is pussy willow. And spring is not spring without the flowering of white or light-hued blossoms on trees, such as cherry and apple.

    Buying Lilies

    • To pick a perfect Easter lily, choose one that has several unopened buds and leaves along the stem. The buds and leaves will open in a few days, and the plant will stay fresher for longer. The lily should ideally be about twice the height of the pot. Keep the plant in a cool, airy place. Keep the soil moist, but not water-logged.

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