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How to Decorate With Black & White

    • 1). Paint the walls. Cover the walls with crisp white paint for a minimalistic look. Or make a bold statement by painting the walls black with white trim. Hang black-and-white toile-patterned wallpaper for a rich look.

    • 2). Choose your furniture. For a breezy, casual look, pick a couch and loveseat upholstered in white cotton. White furniture looks striking against black walls. Go with a black leather sofa and chair duo for an elegant look. Enhance a bedroom with a white headboard, dresser, night stand and desk.

    • 3). Add black and white textiles. Place black decorative pillows on a white couch or white pillows on a black sofa. On a bed, use a white comforter with a black-and-white striped throw. Set an exotic black-and-white zebra-patterned or white faux-fur rug on hardwood or tile floors.

    • 4). Add touches of color to break up the black and white. Place a silver vase filled with bright red roses on a wall shelf. Hang a picture in a red ceramic frame on plain white walls. Choose bright pink or yellow curtains. For a fresh touch, set a glass bowl of real or faux limes and lemons on a coffee table.

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