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How to Maintain Forklifts

Forklift maintenance tips

For some businesses, purchasing a forklift is absolutely necessary as there is no alternative to it. There are various types of forklifts starting from the ones that run or petrol to the ones that run on propane. The electric ones are environmental friendly and run on battery that can be charged and are expensive. You can always go for the cheaper versions depending on your business needs and requirements. While buying a forklift, make sure that you go for the ones that have blue safety light installed as this can prevent forklift and pedestrian collision and you can thereby avoid serious accidents. Forklift calls for a good investment but just like all other machines, forklifts can also wear out easily if not maintained properly. These five steps can increase the life of your forklift.

Lubricate the moving parts now and then:

This is the first step towards maintaining any machines that have moving parts. As well all know that the moving parts of any machine are greased in order to prevent its damage from friction. This holds true for forklifts as well. Make sure than the moving parts are greased on regular basis. Also remove any worn out parts and ball bearing and get them replaced whenever required.

Fluid levels need to be checked regularly:

A forklift contains various fluids that help the parts to function and run efficiently. Some of them include the coolant, motor oils and transmission and hydraulic fluids. Make sure that you check the level of all these fluids every day, depending of course, on its use. If it is used daily, check every day to maintain its efficiency.

Keep it fueled or charged:

As mentioned above forklifts run on varieties of fuel. These are either powered by gaseous fuels or the liquid ones or by electricity. Whatever it is make sure that the battery is fully charged or the tank is full.

Check the tires regularly:

Tires of forklifts are another thing that requires daily maintenance. No matter whether it is air tire or the solid rubber ones, ensure that they are in perfect shape as any problem can lead to a dangerous ride that can damage the goods it is carrying.

There are many shops that sell caterpillar forklift parts, cylinder heads and everything else related to forklift. Make sure that you have the contacts of at least one such firm. These might sell blue spots lights and similar things as well.

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