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Christchurch Hotel Accommodation - Much to Do and See in Canterbury

If you are planning a stay in the South Island's largest city, and want to book your time in a Christchurch Hotel, then it's a good idea to plan what you want to do and what you want to see when you get there.
There are plenty of fun activities and events happening around the "Garden City", that it may be difficult to fit in everything you want to do.
The whole area of Canterbury is known for its English style and prettiness.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in the botanical gardens, where old oaks and other English trees share the grounds with New Zealand natives, and many exotic flowers and plants.
It's a beautiful garden to walk through, and at one end there is a nice cafe to sit and have a cup of tea, and at the other is Canterbury Museum where you can learn more about the founding members of the city and some history about New Zealand in general.
Once you've reached the museum, you are also close to the Arts Centre, which used to be the original grounds for the university.
This impressive collection of stone buildings is now home to a few well regarded crafts people, as well the vibrant and busy market days that take place on Saturday and Sunday.
There are many crafts, touristy treats and great food to be had there, before heading back to your Christchurch Hotel for a wee nap.
A little further up the road from here are two local favourites the Dux de Lux where you can have beer brewed on site, including the famous Ginger Tom ginger beer, and the art gallery which is housed in a new and airy modern building.
It's a pleasant place to spend the afternoon.
Of course if you've not visited before a trip out to the Antarctic Centre is a great way to spend an afternoon, though it's a good idea to rug up if you are planning to try out the snow room! There is also a lovely aquarium to enjoy in the central city if you enjoy looking at sea life.
Once you've explored the city, feel free to keep on staying in your Christchurch hotel as you investigate the rest of Canterbury by day trips.
Take yourself out to Akaroa, or towards Oxford, south to Geraldine for the day, or north for a soak in the hot springs at Hanmer.
Make the most of your time in Canterbury.

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