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Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back- 3 Common Ways That Men Try That Never Work Out

The last thing that any guy wants to happen if he is in a good relationship, is for that relationship to somehow come to an end. When relationships end, it's hardly ever completely mutual. Usually, one person initiates the break up and the other person is expected to just go along with it, no matter how they truly feel. Break ups can be rough on a person, as your whole world gets flipped upside down and turned around.

Because of this, guys will end up trying many ways to get their girlfriend back, and more often than not- it does not work out the way that they were hoping it would. If you want to be able to get our girlfriend back, you don't want to do the same things that end up failing to work out for most men, right? No, you want to instead focus on methods that might actually work to help you win her back.

Here are 3 common ways that men try to get your girlfriend back that never work out:

1. They try to win her back by telling her that they love her more than any man ever will.

Why doesn't this work out for most guys? Isn't it what a woman wants to hear? Well, chances are she might have gotten weak in the knees from a statement like this when the relationship was still going strong. However, once the relationship is over, it becomes the last thing that she wants to hear. Plus, it takes on a different meaning after the break up. It starts to sound like the pleas of a desperate man rather than a declaration of love.

2. They try to win her back by spending as much time as they can with her.

Wouldn't a woman love to get all of that attention and would it not sway her back to her ex boyfriend? This is a classic example of too little, too late. Spending a lot of time together can be good when their is a relationship between the two of you. When that relationship is in the past and you want to spend all of your time with her, it just becomes another thing for her to not like about you. She's single now, and the last thing that she wants is to have an ex boyfriend hanging around her all of the time.

3. They try to win her back by blaming her for the way things turned out and hope she feels guilty about it.

It's extremely common for a guy who is completely out of ideas and hope to begin to use blame and guilt to try and get their ex girlfriend to give them a second chance. The thing with this tactic is, it reeks of desperation. It also is a clear sign of manipulation and most women want to stay far away from a guy who is trying to manipulate them into a relationship.

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