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Unlike what is generally believed, growing old can be an enjoyable experience. But given the special needs that the growing elderly have -- we as their neighbours, friends and family members owe much to keep them cheerful and bracing in the dusk of their lives.

Caring for an elderly person who cannot take care of himself can be rather tough and challenging. Much as you would like to spend every single moment around your loved ones, you only know how difficult and untenable it is.

The need for an alternate home
The compulsions of your own profession, the need for an all-time expert medical help for the infirm, besides their round the clock safety and security needs, compel you to look for alternate solutions and go for a quality retirement homes search which although may not necessarily match the warmth of your own home, but does provide an ideal option for a home away from home along with all those facilities and comforts you always wished for your loved ones.

Consult the elderly first
It is important to consult the elderly too and keep them informed on everything that you and your family may be planning for their ease and comfort for an alternate and new way of living.

It does indeed make things so much easier for everyone when the respected elder member of your family realizes that these emotionally tough and difficult decisions are being considered only out of love and concern for him. Ensure the dignity of the old ones and explain that this may be the best way whereby they can enjoy a good quality of health and well being.

Having once realized that this is in their own interest, they need to be consulted further on the level of care and facilities that would suit them best. Financial planning and resources available, or still to be generated -- are some other aspects of the elder care issue on which you need to be frank about with them.

The initial planning
As in other important issues, in the matter of elder care too, a bit of early yet comprehensive planning would make things much easier, and the entire process of relocation smooth and hassle free.

You need to study several options for the care and upkeep of the elderly family member, and some expert guidance at this stage can prove to be a boon to you and the family.

The Role Of Expert Eldercare Referral Services
It may come as a great relief to you that there are excellent referral service providers all across the California today that offer free, objective and unbiased consultations on all aspects of eldercare and provide valuable suggestions on the kind of assisted living homes that would meet the specific needs of an old person and offer most affordable assisted living plans.

For example, California, the largest state of the USA hosts many elderly assisted living homes, some of which are comparable to the best in the world. Moreover, the salubrious and agreeable climate of the land with a typical Mediterranean type pleasant and warm summer seasons makes the place just an ideal location for the old, the retired, the infirm and those convalescing from a prolonged illness.

Consulting a bona fide and qualified placement service for a retirement homes search also helps you to avoid the confusion arising from multiple options as well offers you a comparative evaluation of the services provided -- the costs of assisted living in California, the facilities they provide, their compliance with County and City rules and the licensing regulations.

It is important to know that the county and city rules for elder care facilities in California vary from county to county and from city to city. This is why only the expert consultants of a home care referral service can explain you why cities such as San Jose, Palo Alto or Los Gatos in the county of Santa Clara may be following different norms of California based assisted living facilities from those of say, cities of Ventura County like Camarillo or Thousand Oaks, or those of the County of Alameda cities like Berkeley, Hayward or Piedmont.

The Concept Of Elderly Assisted Living
Assisted living homes are senior living residences for elderly people who require a certain amount of help or support with some, or all activities in their day-to-day living€" such as preparing their meals, housekeeping and maintaining laundry, a timely medication and keeping their schedules for health check-ups. Usually the facilities of assisted living find a favour with those over the age 70, commonly the octogenarians.

Depending on the general nature of requirements of the elderly, assisted living homes in California come in a range of different options, each with a certain unique features. You may choose from:

· Assisted living homes or apartments
· Independent residential care
· Retirement communities, or
· Palliative and nursing homes

The much-needed sense of independence of the elderly is retained and yet they fully enjoy the warmth and security of community living.

Facilities Provided In Assisted Living Homes California:

· Meals served in a common dining area
· Assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, and moving about
· Medication management
· Housekeeping and laundry services
· Transportation and visits to health and medical services
· Maintenance of a 24-hours safety and security
· Provision for emergency help if required
· Exercise and wellness programs
· Planned social and recreational activities

Some assisted living facilities also offer guidance and expert advice on various financial and legal matters related to elderly living in California.

When choosing an assisted living facility for yourself or your loved ones, the most important factor probably is that it should have a cheerful, safe and secure ambience providing a cosy lived-in feeling in the beautiful Californian environs.

A warm and caring staff, a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, and a place where you get the opportunity to make new friends -- would make you wonder if the great poet Robert Browning, ever had such a friendly place in mind when he penned down those charming words 'Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.

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