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How to Reduce Dandruf

    • 1). Shampoo daily with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Massage into your scalp and allow the shampoo to remain in place for five minutes before rinsing.

    • 2). Avoid washing your hair in hot water as the heat causes your pores to open and release natural oils. This may dry your scalp and exacerbate the flaking and itchiness.

    • 3). Squeeze a vitamin E oil capsule onto your clean, damp hair and massage the oil into your scalp. Vitamin E oil helps to moisturize and soothe your skin. Do not rinse.

    • 4). Apply about 15 drops of tea tree oil to your palms and rub together. Massage the oil into your scalp and leave in place, without rinsing. According to the Mayo Clinic, tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties that are useful in reducing dandruff. Repeat this oil treatment daily.

    • 5). Squeeze a handful of aloe vera gel onto your hair and massage into your scalp. Cover with a shower cap and allow the gel to remain in place overnight before rinsing in the morning.

    • 6). Avoid using hair styling products that contain alcohol or wax. Alcohol can dry out and irritate your scalp while waxes can build up, causing your scalp to produce excess oil. In either case, products can make dandruff worse.

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