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How to Accessorize My Cell

    • 1). Purchase a snap-on or silicone skin and a screen protector to keep your phone looking new. These items tend to be specific to individual phone makes and models.

    • 2). Purchase an antenna if your phone needs a signal boost. These can be very helpful while indoors, where cell reception can be problematic.

    • 3). Purchase a stylus if your cell is designed to use one.

    • 4). Purchase a travel charger if you spend a lot of time driving. Don't run the risk of having your phone run out of battery power while you're on the road.

    • 5). Purchase a hands-free headset, especially if you have to talk on the phone while driving. Many places ban the use of handheld devices while driving.

    • 6). Purchase a memory card to store data on your phone locally.

    • 7). Purchase a data cable for transferring data between your phone and computer. If your phone has personal area network capabiliies (Bluetooth), purchase an adapter for your computer and you won't need a data cable.

    • 8). Purchase a case or holster that secures your phone to your person and minimizes its chances of getting lost. These sometimes can be used as a substitute for a skin.

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