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Betta Fish Illness - Prognosis, Prevention, and Cure of Betta Fish Illnesses

Having difficulty coping with your betta fish illness? Fret not, for the solution to most of your betta's problems can be solved on your own, using a handful of very simple, time-tested, household techniques.
Every known variation of betta illness has at its source either one of two things: 1.
       There is a problem in your fish's habitat.
       There is a problem in your fish's diet.
Curing your betta's illness, on the other hand, is to understand what is your fish's ailment and knowing how to correct it.
You know that your betta fish is ill if you have observed a radical change in its behavior: -          It is not as active as it used to be -          It is exhibiting signs of bloating, tearing, discoloration, or deterioration of its scales, fin or tale -          It is not eating its food Betta fish illness could occur due to any number of possible causes, such as these listed here: - exposure to extreme changes in water temperature that are too hot or too cold relative to the normal temperature that your fish is accustomed to -bacteria build up in your fish's habitat -dead plants (if you are using live plants) - inadequate or excessive exposure to sunlight - overexertion due to stress (such as being startled by someone tapping on the glass too much, encountering another betta fish causing your fish to go into "fight" mode) - overfeeding or underfeeding - not providing your fish with a nutritionally balanced diet

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