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Book a Cheap Flight to Cape Town and Take Many Beautiful Scenic Drives Along Their Different Routes

No one can argue that a scenic driving route is perhaps one of the better ways to explore a new city and learn more about it than you knew before.
Cape Town, South Africa has many gorgeous driving routes that you should drive when you vacation there.
They take you through the beautiful coastline and into the countryside.
There are wine routes you can take if you are into looking at vineyards and seeing the lovely rows of grapes growing.
Basically, of you want to get out of the city for a day and just drive, then pick any of these routes and you cannot be disappointed.
Start your journey by traveling along the Cape Point route.
This route will take you along the south-western most point in all of Africa.
Here you can start at the Cape of Good Hope which is part of the Table Mountain National Park.
The drive to the Cape is luscious green and full of vegetation.
When you reach your destination, take advantage of the great weather and have picnic on the top and look out at the views of the ocean all around you.
This is a sure way of having a relaxing day out of the hotel.
Another great route that you need to drive is to Hout Bay.
This small coastal town is not far from Cape Town, but can offer an entirely different feeling than the sprawling city.
Hout Bay has the best crawfish in all the city.
They also claim to serve the best fish and chips dinner in all of Cape Town as well.
So, if you are missing food from home, this would be a great place to visit.
This is a place that requires a day trip and perhaps even an overnight stay to visit everything that they have to offer.
But do not worry because they also have plenty of places to stay at if you choose to stay overnight.
If a wine route is more of what you are looking for, they have a few different routes that are great to go through.
You have your pick of the Helderberg Wine Route or the Constantia Wine Route.
They each give a unique look into the different vineyards and winery around South Africa that produce such great wine.
Enjoy your vacation with a scenic drive through the countryside of Cape Town.
With a cheap flight to Cape Town, you can get to the city on a budget and start to enjoy your vacation in a new city right away.

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