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How to Remove a Stuck Tub Spout

    • 1). Examine the bottom side of the spout, close to where it meets the wall or side of the tub, using a flashlight. If the spout has a small hole or notched-out section on the end, it is secured to the water pipe with a retaining screw.

    • 2). Place a towel over the bathtub drain, then insert an Allen wrench into the hole or notched-out section and turn the retaining screw counterclockwise until you remove it. If the spout does not slide off easily after you remove the screw, twist it left and right as you pull on it for several minutes.

    • 3). Wrap a hand towel around the tub's spout if you do not see a small hole or notched-out section. Clamp a pipe wrench over the towel and turn the wrench and the spout counterclockwise to remove it from the water pipe.

    • 4). Heat up the spout using a hair dryer if it will not come off the water pipe, causing the spout to expand slightly. Wear protective gloves when handling the spout after you have heated it up.

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