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How to Make a Homemade Auto Cold Air Intake

    • 1). Open the hood of your vehicle. Use a tape measure to find the diameter of the snorkel opening on the air cleaner housing.

    • 2). Take your piece of air conditioning hose and run it from the opening of the snorkel to the wheel well of your car. Use a piece of chalk to mark off the appropriate length on the hose. You will be cutting the hose down to match the needed length to connect the snorkel to the wheel well so give yourself a little extra hose to make sure it fits.

    • 3). Take a hacksaw and cut the air conditioning hose down to the chalk marks you made. Make some additional 2-inch notches along the end of the hose.

    • 4). Place one end of the hose around the snorkel opening. Secure the hose in place around the snorkel using several pieces of duct tape.

    • 5). Run the hose to the spot you have chosen on the wheel well. Make a rough circular chalk outline of a circle on the metal of the wheel well. Use a drill to to cut out the hole.

    • 6). Use a hot glue gun to attach the hose over the hole you drilled in the metal surface. Use a drill to further secure the hose in place by drilling screws through the hose into the metal.

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