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Auto Wraps For Niche Marketers

Auto Wraps are a perfect tool for Niche Marketers, because it allows them to reach a large target market for a modest investment. If done effective, it can be the most powerful and cost-effective form of marketing. The popularity of the vinyl vehicle wrap over the past few years, is proof that business owners are experiencing results, but a large percentage are simply ineffective. The following guidelines, will dramatically increase you chances of success with any form of Vehicle Graphics Advertising.

Limited space to communicate.
The amount of space to communicate graphically, on most vehicles is limited. Van graphics will give you quite a bit of flexibility, but if you plan on using custom car graphics or magnetic signs, you will need to be more creative.

Focus on them.
Remember the objective is to attract the attention of your ideal customer. Who exactly is your ideal customer? What solutions are they actively looking for? What keeps them up at night?

Communicate one solution.
Once you understand your ideal customer, you will need to craft a message that targets their needs. It should cause them to say "That's the company I want to do business with."

Give them a reason to contact you.
You need to give them a compelling reason to copy your URL or call. Present them with an offer on your vehicle. An electrician could say "Go -> Safety tips for small children, pets etc." The idea is to get them to go to your website, and give you their e-mail to claim the offer. Now you can build a relationship. You message will be limited by the type of vehicle, van wraps will give you the most flexibility.

Use the most visible areas.
Concentrate your message at the back of the vehicle as this will be visible to drivers behind you and produce the most impact even on car vinyl wraps. The area at the sides above the wheels is the second most visible area especially on van wraps. The windows can be covered with a see-through perforated-window-film, which allows for your message, while offering visibility from inside.

Coverage should be consistent with your niche.
Your niche will dictate the type of graphics and amount of coverage. If you are selling a high prices item to an affluent customers, you may need to invest in a full wrap. If you are a contractor, lettering and logos would be just as appropriate. Since vehicle wrap pricing is based on the amount of coverage, you will need to work within your budget. Custom car graphics can be fairly inexpensive, while a fully wrapped van will be more expensive.

Communicate with a designer
Once you decide what you are trying to achieve, it is extremely important to enlist the services of a designer or vehicle graphics company so they can help you with the project. Let them know your budget and ask for their help in achieving it. Make sure they have experience in vehicle graphics marketing.

Now you're ready to begin using Vehicle Graphics Advertising but remember you need a very focused strategy and a competent vehicle graphics company to put it all together. The information above will save you money and help you to attract the most customers within your niche.

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