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Is It Time To Spruce Up Your Garden For Good?

Has it been a little while since you marveled at your garden's hidden and not so hidden charms? When was the last time you had a special area where you could go; just to get your head together? The problem is that if you don't keep on top of your garden; it will change quickly and soon be a place you don't remember at all. If you have decided to turn back the clock and are willing to try your best to rediscover that special place; then have a little read of this column and you may just be able to work some magic!

Floral Treats!

Sometimes the simple approach is the best; you can plant some annuals and perennials around your porch and steps. If you have concrete or tarmac; you can buy some large tubs and fill them with a mix of bright bulbs. By combining the annuals and perennials you can ensure that your guests always receive the best welcome on your street.

Driveway Delights

If your driveway has seen better days, do not despair! By planting some carefully chosen flowers and plants; you can hide a lot of nasty little faults. Plant some low hedges on the edge of the driveway and mix some bright rose bushes at the end nearest to your house. You can even set a small raised lawn in the middle part of the drive, if it allows for some turf. And add various annuals in the center of the lawn.

Self-Reliant Flowers

It's always nice to have some flowers that don't require baby-sitting all of the time. You can choose from dozens, but a good choice for low maintenance and pretty flowers are always the Crinum family of lilies. They will also enhance the aroma of your garden in the summer.

Hide those Eyesores!

If your garden shed has seen better days or if you have a coal bunker that has more rust than charm; you don't have to tear them down. You can always accessorize with plants and flowers. With the shed; you can add some shelves to the exterior walls and fill some trays with flowers and ferns. Set these up on the shelves until the ugly eyesore has transformed into something quite special.

Get Creative!

Try and turn a small part of your garden into a private getaway for you and the family. It doesn't have to be a large or plush event; just somewhere where you can hide away for a few precious minutes every day. Erect some wooden structures like a pergola for instance. Add some vines and creeping plants to the structure to affect a hidden doorway. You can put some sparse garden furniture in the hidden area for when you need to kick back for that much needed cup of tea!

Your Own Vineyard

Just erect a few trellis structures in your garden and buy some young grape vines. Within a year or two they will be yielding grapes; then you can start making your own personal wine!

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