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How to Use Pictures to Help ESL Students

    • 1). Select a magazine that has pictures of the vocabulary words you wish to teach in your lesson. For example, a restaurant review magazine may have useful pictures for a lesson on dining out.

    • 2). Cut out the pictures representing the vocabulary words you plan to teach and paste them to the index cards. Use one picture per card.

    • 3). Write the vocabulary word on the back of each index card.

    • 4). Present each index card to the students one at a time.

    • 5). Say the vocabulary word you want them to associate with the picture. This reinforces the learning by adding an auditory component.

    • 6). Ask the students to repeat the vocabulary word while looking at the picture.

    • 7). Repeat the "say and repeat" exercise three times for each card.

    • 8). Hold up one of the index cards and ask one of the students or the group to tell you what the picture represents.

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