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Websites and social networks is the way to go for the businesses today

It is quite interesting to observe how the chain of advertising has changed over time and how websites have become so very vital to every organization. Media based advertising including print media is quite short-lived and expensive. It doesn't do much to reach the required audience. Though, it would be wrong to underestimate media advertising because they have ruled the world for very long. But now the significance of media is reducing day after day.

Websites are made to advertise the products and to educate the customers about the various products and services available for a particular business. But the toughest part is to direct enough traffic to the websites, to make this possible websites themselves need a lot of advertising, and this has been made possible by social networks and Google AdSense kind of programs. They not only generate a lot of revenue for themselves, but they helped millions of online business to flourish. Data is quite surprising.

Why social networking sites have become so very important; because these websites provide something very different to the users, which is called "Engagement".  Engagement can very easily transform to addiction and this is the very reason that televisions are a success that they are, since ages. Getting addicted to television is very common and so is getting addicted to Facebook. But there is one big difference between television media and social networking sites – that is that content of social networking sites is social. The content on these sites is made by the users; there is very minimal censor board and no editorial board to control the content on these sites.

Following example can illustrate the social networks very appropriately. Imagine that there is a small town named "Fancy Town" and there is one cake shop that is very popular in this town. This cake shop makes only three flavors of cakes – Strawberry, pineapple and chocolate. People are extremely happy with the service and quality of the cakes. Then something interesting happened, a separate cake making factory was built up in the town. The special part about this factory was that people could make their own cakes. They could choose from various options and various combinations and bake their own cakes. With this cake factory, a number of other members of Fancy Town started their own cake shops. Some people started making fruit cakes, others make nuts cakes, there were others who started making combination of cakes. This was very beneficial to everybody, because all the people were now making money out of selling cakes. Now the problem was that a new customer did not know where to go and have cake because there were so many options now, so somebody started putting a review board outside the shop and invited people to like it and comment on the cake. This kind of rating was beneficial for the customer as well as the baker to get immediate feedback on the kind of cake.

So, if you are still running a business without a website and wondering why is it not giving you results, consider rushing to the best website Development Company and start using social networks to play the real game.

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