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How to Make a Woven Bracelet Out of Embroidery Thread

    • 1). Cut the six pieces of string so they are long enough to run from the tip of the fingers to the elbow of the bracelet's eventual wearer.

    • 2). Hold the pieces of string together so their ends are even, and tie all six in a knot approximately 2 inches in from one end of the strings.

    • 3). If desired, you can clip the bracelet down by securing the loose 2 inches with the clipboard just above the knot.

    • 4). Take the left-most string and form a knot, but do not pull it tight.

    • 5). Pass the string immediately to the knotted string's right through the loop in the knot, then tighten the knot up to the top of the string (so it is snugly pressed against the knot above it.) The string passing through should now be on the left of the knotted string.

    • 6). Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with the same piece of string until it is the right-most string.

    • 7). Repeat Steps 4 through 6, changing the string that is being knotted once it becomes the right-most string and using the new left-most string in its place, until the bracelet is long enough to pass around the wearer's wrist.

    • 8). Tie off the end of the bracelet as you did the first end.

    • 9). Put the bracelet around the wrist of the wearer and tie the bracelet together using the extra nonwoven string extending outside the two knots.

    • 10

      Trim excess string leftover after tying the knot that secures the bracelet around the wrist.

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