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Healing Shingles - What Experts Do About It.

Nerve wrecking Shingles are very painful and irritating. They are caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It is the same virus that is responsible for chickenpox and one in every five people susceptible to have Shingles in later age. People suffering from shingles usually complain of pain or burning of the muscles and skin before they get any of the other symptoms. In addition to the red spotty skin other symptoms may include temperature, aches or flu like pains. Healing shingles is rather easy, but the process until fully healed is very painful and irritating. The people who are caught in this disease endure pain that may be severe or mild, in both cases its highly unpleasant and uncomfortable so as soon as you see its symptoms try to catch it so that you get quicker Shingles relief.

As soon as you begin to feel burning in muscles or skin observe your skin carefully the following few days, and if you begin to feel flu like symptoms or begin to see the red rash make sure that you go to a doctor immediately. He will then evaluate you to decide about the disease, whether you have got Shingles or something else, accordingly he will prescribe medication. When they do prescribe the medication make sure that you take it just as it is written and do not stop it prior to the duration that it is prescribed. Commonly prescribed medicines are facyclovir, acyclovir and valcyclovir etc. It is vital that these medications are taken no more than 72 hours after the rash has appeared in order to have an effect.

Healing Shingles includes dealing with irritation and pain in addition to get rid of the disease. If the pain is mild, you can take over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. But if you see the pain is going out of control visit your physician who may prescribe you some narcotics such as oxycodone being anticonvulsants and anti-depressants.

In some cases, the pain is mostly in just one area while the rest is bearable, in this case the doctor may prescribe a cream or gel that contains ludicane which will in turn numb the area. Anti itching creams or calamine lotion with hydrocortisone is best to ease up the inflaming skin. Whatever you do, do not scratch, as it will take longer to heal plus may cause scars. Call your doctor immediately if you see the Shingles spreading to the eyes or the temperature is crossing 103 degrees.

Best suggestion for healing shingles is to take oatmeal baths and ensure that you keep your hands away from the effected area so you do not scratch or further irritate it. One week or two and you will be fully recovered if you catch it early.

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