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New Ways to Advertise on Social Media

Advertising is perhaps one of the most creative, lucrative and competitive industries where brands constantly try to come up with unique ways to capture new and retain old customers on social media, to an extent where even the introductory launch also takes place in some form, such as a video or game.
Brands now see Timeline as a very useful marketing tool and most major companies and celebrities have made maximum use of the profile page to promote their image. Verizon wireless is currently offering a photo competition where the tablet is a prize to the winner, while Old Spice has captured the attention of users through unusual imagery.
The one point that has been repeated most often by marketing consultants is to provide incentives to the consumer. It is not always necessary to motivate customers, as in the Coke advertisement, but if brands really want customers to go out of the way to connect, then they have to give the users a strong enough reason to do so. Offering deals and discounts are typically successful ways, as are Facebook apps such as images, videos, events and most highly recommended are games.
One must remember that a lot of psychology is well understood and applied by marketing companies. They think like the consumer and are aware that a direct sales pitch in any form tends to loosen grounds for sale. Coke has also diverted from their past and typical form of advertising. It was surprising to see that instead of branding their drink directly, the advertisement in fact asks riddles on Facebook. The answer takes the users to different interactive websites of the brand, such as falling where the user topples the Coke bottle that starts a chain reaction of falling dominoes. Another website is where the user can rotate the product around a virtual bonfire. These are simple and inspiring tactics for brands use as a means of engaging customers. The investment of time and money are well spent. It leaves an impression that a user will remember for a long period, and chances are that the user will most likely provide the link to his or circle, if for nothing else, then for novelty's sake. That is genuine marketing, that is, word of mouth based on personal relationships. Compare this to the crude way some advertisements are automatically pushed onto a user's page and more often than not, completely ignored.
Another form of innovative advertising worth mentioning is by €Self, €a women's health magazine that will be introducing a game and a diet plan as a Facebook app this month. The app has private as well as public setting options. The sharing of the diet plan and virtual avatars with like minded individuals will help the user stick to the plan. It is no longer about simply publishing and leaving it at that, the magazine explained how print media also needs to be proactive regarding publicity by making it a continuous, interactive process.
What may sound like a repetition of the basics is in fact becoming a more focused effort in marketing, where one specific product line is not applicable to another. Constant changes and updates will make future advertising of brands come up with different schemes that will require a whole different approach.

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