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How to Propagate Stevia Plant

    • 1). Select a cutting from a stevia plant which has proven successful in growth and is known to be sweet. Some stevia plants do not produce the same quantity of stevioside, the substance that provides its sweetness.

    • 2). Fill your container with a light, sandy soil. Stevia likes a soil with a neutral pH level. If you are planting your stevia plant in a garden area, select an area with full sun and dig a small hole for planting.

    • 3). Add a small amount of standard fertilizer to the soil and mix well. Stevia tolerates most fertilizers, provided it does not have high nitrogen levels.

    • 4). Add your stevia plant to the container or hole in the ground. Fill a little bit of the soil around the plant and mound the soil up slightly.

    • 5). Add a layer of bark mulch or other mulch product around the base of the stevia plant. This helps to keep your stevia roots cool and preserves some water content.

    • 6). Water your stevia plant lightly through the summer. Be careful not to over water the plants, even after bringing them in for the winter.

    • 7). Place your potted stevia plant in an area which receives full sunlight to allow the plant to thrive.

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