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Accomplish The Most Satisfying Endeavour Of Your Life Time With Teach English Certification

TESOL refers to teaching English to the speakers of other languages. It is a Teach English Certification offered by American TESOL Institute. If you have a passion for teaching and iif you wish to transform the lives of many, nothing can be better than teaching English overseas.

About Teach English Certification

Teach English is an online or in class certification courses for those who want to want to be an English Language teacher. With varying TESOL courses ranging from sixty to two hundred hours, these programs prepare you to teach English overseas and in the U.S. If you are a working professional or a student, you can still complete online Teach English certification courses by American TESOL Institutes. The online courses are equivalent to any in-class Teach English Certification programs and have been specifically designed to meet the learning needs of those already working or attaining other courses. American TESOL Institute offers various Teach English certification courses such as Foundation TESOL, Expert TESOL, Advanced TESOL, and TESOL for business professionals and many more such as these to meet English Teaching needs of varied individuals.

Teach English Certification Requirement

Basic registration requirement for Teach English certification for the US students is as follows:

Ability to speak English fluently.
Must have a High school Diploma or any other equivalent degree or Diploma.
Ability to obtain a US passport for easy job placement.
Other than the US citizens, Non -Native fluent English speaking and Native English Speakers worldwide can also opt for online and in-class programs by American TESOL Institutes. The minimum requirements for Teach English Certification for international students are:

High school Diploma or equivalent.
Fluent English Speaking Ability.
Ability to legally work in another country or ability to obtain a working Visa for the country, student intends to teach English in.
Clear background history for overseas job placement.

American TESOL Institute endorses that Non-Native English speakers should have a 550 TOEFL score (220 CBT) or an IELTS 6.0 to enable you to successfully complete an online or in class courses.

Satisfying Career Option

American TESOL Institute offers Teach English Overseas program with job placement support on course completion. All those who enjoy travelling abroad and wish to make a teach career abroad can easily do so with Teach English Certification programs. It not only opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you but also give you a chance to make a lasting impact on the lives of other. For many other, English learning is not only associated with elementary education requirement, but it is also a mean to acquire better job opportunities and thus better living for them and their families. Through Teach English Certification, you can thus not change your life but serve as a means of changing many other lives.

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