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Pleated Window Shades

Pleated shades are made of stiffened and pleated fabric.
When these shades are pulled up the pleats get gathered in a uniform manner and sit flat at the top of the window.
The fabric chosen for making pleated shades is what determines how appealing the finished product looks.
Different colors, weaves, patterns and textures are used, often as per customer requests, to make pleated window shades.
Bright colored fun prints can be chosen for a child's room to add an element of charm.
Manufacturers offer customers the option of choosing additional backings if the pleated shades are to be installed in a place where privacy is needed.
The options offered to customers, ranges from pleated shades with reduced glare, no privacy; softened light, moderate privacy; softened light, substantial privacy and diffused light, complete privacy to blocked light, complete privacy.
Type of fabric and backings are chosen based on the customers requirements categorized in this manner.
The design and color of the fabric to be used is left to the customer to decide.
Pleated window shades can be made to fit various shapes like arches, angles, trapezoids and circles.
Different shapes of windows like bay and corner windows, skylights, sliding glass doors and French doors can also be covered beautifully using pleated window shades.
The usual operation system options provided with pleated window shades are standard cord lock, a continuous cord loop system and a cordless system.
Customers are also given the option to choose either a top down fold or a bottom up fold for pleated window shades.
Some manufacturers provide motorized options for maneuvering pleated window shades.
Maintaining pleated window shades is quite easy.
Feather dusting, vacuuming or just light dusting with soft cloth, on a regular basis suffices in keeping dust at bay.
Stubborn dust can be removed by using a tightly squeezed damp sponge over trouble spots.
Pleated window shades are great alternative to other more expensive kinds of window coverings.

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