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Bilateral Eyelid Droop in Dogs


    • Pet Education describes ectropion as loose lower lids that cause drooping of the eyelid's margins, resulting in the lower lid turning outward. This can occur in one or both eyes.


    • As the lower lid folds away from the conjunctiva, a small pouch forms that can collect pollen, dirt, dust or other materials that may lead to conjunctivitis (infection of the conjunctiva). This infection can cause significant irritation, spread to other areas of the eye and threaten vision if not treated.


    • Symptoms include protrusion of the lower eyelid that causes lack of contact between the lower lid and eye, exposing the conjunctiva and third eyelid. Other signs include redness and excessive tearing or discharge from the eye. Green or yellow drainage often heralds infection.

    Breeds at Risk

    • Any breed is at risk, but ectropion is common among spaniels, hounds, retrievers, the St. Bernard and the bloodhound.


    • According to Pet MD, veterinarians use topical lubricants or antibiotic ointments, along with good eye and facial hygiene to treat ectropion. Severe cases may require surgical treatment to shorten the eyelid.

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