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You Are Your Brand - 4 Tips

Even if you sold your business after a while, the business would still retain your brand. It would be part of having the business. The brand would be the personal stamp you'd put on it and what qualities you'd decided your business would have. When a very large company tries to change its branding or positioning, customers can be in uproar because they would no longer be able to identify with it.

1 Be in communication. Your brand has to be available for people to see and understand what it is. This will mean that you, in some form, will have to be available. You have to communicate with your subscribers, your customers and with visitors to your website. Without being able to show what the brand is, obviously people will not be able to see it or remember it.

2 Be human. Visitors and others like to know there's a real individual human being behind the business front and logo. In addition, they too like to be treated as humans. In fact, they like to be treated, as a far as possible, as individuals. Counter-intuitively you do this by being as automated as you can be, which frees you up for more time on communication in its various facets.

3 Don't be everything you are. Online, you can't be the full person you are offline. There's just not enough time. In any case, this is business you're involved in and not an all-out social organisation. You're bound to develop those areas of your online character which are to do with business and selling when in communication with others. Of course, as said, you still remain a human being and not an automaton who wishes they were their business.

4 Focus. If you focus on one area of internet marketing, or one type of product, you can develop your knowledge and expertise in it. Spread yourself too far and you won't have time to do justice to everything you want to do. Nor will you make as much profit.

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