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The Process of Mediation in Essex

Divorce in Colchester affects a family severely. The most affected members of a separated family are children. Separation of parents brings traumatic results for a kid and he/she may not be able to handle it easily. Separation or divorce also brings a lot many issues to be sorted out. For example, after divorce couples have to decide on money matters, property and custody of their children.

Generally, couples seek help of a lawyer or of a mediator to help them solve their issues. However, help of Divorce in Chelmsford is more desirable than help of a legal aid. If you consult a lawyer for every little issue, then it can be more expensive and traumatic as well. On the other hand, if you take help of a mediator, you find things a lot easier and can expect things to get settled positively without any ill-will for the other party. The process of mediation in Essex involves a systematic planning.

The person in charge will follow a certain process in which first he will make introductory remarks briefing the issues, reviewing mediation guidelines and giving an opening statement. Afterwards, the mediator will ask both the parties to narrate their issues and story as they grasp. They are not expected to repeat the already mentioned facts but communicate their own mind and what issues they see so far. The mediator will stay neutral to both the parties, giving a patient hearing. Both the parties are not expected to create emotional scene by creating drama but tell their issue to find a solution and not to blame each other. Then, the mediator will ask open-ended questions to both the parties to know their emotional undercurrents. By speaking their minds, both the parties give clues to identify the problems and search for a solution for the same. The mediator will search common goals of both the parties and figure out common issues to settle down.

The goal of a mediator is settle both the parties for common goals and make agreements between them. He may create a negotiable settlement, which both the parties can modify according to their mutual alliance. The purpose of a mediator is to settle both the parties for a common agreement by having long healthy discussions and showing them their benefits and advantages of settling for an agreement. This process lets a separated couple have positive attitude towards each other and have their own agreements instead of accepting forced decision of a law court.

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