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Danish Immigration Requirements

    Spouses, Registered Partners and Cohabitating Partners Immigration

    • Spouses who live in Denmark can apply for family reunification for their husbands and wives. Gay and lesbian couples as well as heterosexual couples who are living together can also apply for family reunification. When applying for family reunification, both partners must be over the age of 24. The couple must plan to live together after permission for immigration is given.

      The Danish spouse must prove that he or she has a strong attachment to Denmark. Examples of strong attachment to Denmark include: a parent who is divorced or separated and has a child that is living in Denmark, if the Danish spouse can speak Danish and if the Danish partner has experience in the Danish work market. Danish spouses who have lived in Denmark for over 28 years are not required to fulfill the strong attachment criteria.

    Asylum Immigration

    • Refugees who wish to receive asylum in Denmark must meet the requirements of either the United Nations Refugee Convention, or the Protected Status of the Danish Aliens Act. When a person seeking asylum gets to Denmark, he is required to contact the local police. The National Aliens Division will ascertain the nation of origin of the individual as well as confirm the identity of the refugee. The refugee will be required to make an official statement. This statement will include how he got to Denmark.

      Immigrants waiting for an answer on their asylum application are housed in accommodation centers. Immigration Services provides support to refugees while their applications are processed. This allowance covers the cost of food and basic hygiene products. Applicants have access to health care. Children go to school and adults receive education that will enable them to work in their home countries if they are sent back. All asylum applicants who are 18 years of age and older are required to sign a contract stating which classes they will attend as well as their responsibility in the accommodation center.

    Language Study

    • Danish language study is a requirement for immigrants in Denmark. Immigrants who are over the age of 18 and have a personal identification number (CPR number) have the right for free language study for three years. Language courses are offered day, night and online for the convenience of the student.

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