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1947 Buick Roadmaster Specs

    Roadmaster Basics

    • The Roadmaster came in four flavors, but they were the same in many ways. They were all on the largest Buick frame and had a 129-inch wheel base. They were all powered by the 320-cubic inch in-line eight-cylinder engine that put out 144 horsepower. All had a three-speed manual transmission. The engine, called the "fireball dynaflash," was powerful and reliable even if it did not have a lot of acceleration. All of the Roadmasters were the same overall size with a length of 217 inches, a width of 78 inches and a height of 65 inches. All of the models weighed more than 4,000 pounds. The wagon was the heaviest at 4,400 pounds. Roadmasters had 19-gallon gas tanks, and ran on 16-inch tires.


    • In some ways the Roadmaster was the same car, but each version had its own personality. Prices varied widely, with the coupe selling for $2,131; the four-door sedan for $2,232; the convertible for $2,651; and the wagon for $3,249.

      While there were only 300 Estate wagons, there were a lot more of the other models sold. The Roadmaster sold 12,074 convertibles, 47,152 four-door sedans and 1,927 two-door coupes.


    • The engine was an in-line eight-cylinder. It had a one- or two-barrel carburetor, mechanical valve lifters, overhead valves, single exhaust and a cast iron block.

      The transmission was a three-speed manual shifter on the column.

      The smooth ride of the Roadmaster was a plus, and its suspension was based on independent coil springs front and back. Brakes were hydraulic drum brakes with 12-inch pads.


    • Since it was a luxury car, there were many options that were considered modern at the time. Turn signals and heaters were standard, but relatively new in 1947.

      The Roadmaster had a power-top which was a new innovation. A hard top and a canvas top were available. Power windows, power seat, radio and clock, front and rear lighters and ash trays were optional.

      The Roadmaster had a day or night rear view mirror, and outside mirrors on both sides of the car were optional.

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