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How to Design French Furniture

    • 1). Implement curves, arches and clawed feet into your furniture design. French furniture is epitomized by its delicacy, especially its masterfully curved armchairs and arch-backed, clawed-feet sofas.

    • 2). Upholster your furniture with toile fabrics. A toile is a pattern that features scenes from the hunt, or the Toile de Jouy, and is very popular among the French. Nothing will invoke French ambience like colorful toile patterns.

    • 3). Coordinate rich gold colors into your furniture design. Gold is associated with wealth and high social status, and because these things were important to the French, they colored their homes in rich gold designs to portray the image of prosperity.

    • 4). Construct your furniture with natural woods such as oak, walnut, pine, beech, elm, rosewood, mahogany and wild cherry. All of these types of woods are native to France, especially wild cherry and mahogany, which are dark, rich-colored woods.

    • 5). Engrave floral marquetry, inlays and delicate rosettes into your furniture. Delicately carved designs shined with lacquers lend a distinctively dainty and aristocratic appeal to furniture.

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