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Cardio Respiratory Endurance and Mixed Martial Arts

Building your cardio respiratory endurance is essential to being able to compete in MMA.
It is actually key to surviving in many situations, but MMA style matches and rounds are especially tough.
Compared with many other fighting or combat sports competing in multiple 5 minute rounds is grueling even if your not the winning fighter.
Based on the amount of total body exertion it is one of the most rigorous sports out there.
In many martial arts classes sparring is very limited and the rounds are much shorter.
But for beginners even sparring in one or two minute rounds can be tough.
The best way to build up your cardio respiratory endurance in sparring is starting with shorter rounds and building up.
For example try fighting 3 consecutive 1 minute rounds for a couple weeks, then go up to 2 minute rounds, then 3 and so on.
Ideally to be able to fight in UFC type 5 minute rounds without throwing your guts up or collapsing, it would be great if you could train to fight in much longer rounds.
That why when it came to the real thing a 5 minute round would be easy for you.
The other way the cardio respiratory endurance effects you in battle is that your breathing and amount of oxygen going being delivered through your system effects how you think, react and are able to function.
The better shape you are in the better you will be able to think, make judgements and fight.
So what is the best way to improve your cardio respiratory endurance? Typical cardio work that probably first comes to mind includes walking, running, swimming and using cardio equipment at the gym.
To be in decent shape you will likely need to be getting in a cardio workout of at least 20-45 minutes 3-4 times per week.
To be in great shape that could take you to being an MMA champion (obviously depending on your over all fitness level and metabolism), you may find yourself doing a hour a day 6 times a week.
This can obviously become tedious and boring to most so break up your cardio work as much as possible with different exercises.
Consider playing sports like racquet ball or going hiking or cycling to keep up your interest so you can make it to be the best you can be.

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