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Profitable Search Engine Traffic - 4 Effective Tips to Generate Search Engine Traffic

You can always read about the importance of generating web traffic.
This is because web traffic is the number one determining factor for a web site's success or demise.
But traffic can come from many places.
And there is general traffic, there are also free hunters which you can not expect to get any sales from it, and there is of course highly targeted web traffic.
Targeted traffic is the most lucrative and profitable.
They are the ready to buy people.
They are active seekers of products.
Target this segment and you can definitely boost your online business.
Here are 4 effective tips to generate targeted search engine traffic: 1.
Buy your way to the top.
This is the fastest and most often very effective method of generating search engine traffic.
There are paid listings and it is quite expensive but the returns could be enormous.
In just weeks, you can see very tangible results of your paid directory listing.
Traffic will double even triple so your bandwidth must be prepared to accommodate a quantum leap in traffic generation.
There are also free open directory projects.
You submit your site and wait for the traffic to build up.
These directories are human edited so it would be useful to have good content to get the nod of the editors.
You can also pay for productive clicks.
This is commonly known as pay per click advertising.
You'll have to bid for key words that are very competitive in the market.
You'll pay the search engines whenever someone clicked your links.
This is highly targeted traffic and you're sure to profit from their visits.
There is also paid placement which is a variation of pay per click advertising.
This however is different because you buy a place in the search pages.
If you notice the sponsored links displayed on top of every search page or the ones on the top right column, then those are paid advertisement and it can really get good traffic.

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