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When You Are Hurting

During the last few weeks I have witnessed several online friends get wounded by blatant arrogance and nastiness from other people, particularly women, on the internet.
In the case of Friend A, a particularly virulent dose of poison was left on a comment that attacked her family values, her lifestyle choices and her decision to share details of her life on her blog.
A statement made by this scorpion had me gaping.
She said that since no one else would say it, it was up to her to do it.
She continued to say things that would have shattered your soul if it had been addressed to you.
It made me sick to my stomach that someone could be so vicious with another person's feelings and dreams.
Of course, my very smart friend moderates her comments so that piece of filth never saw the light of day on the internet, but the damage was done.
Who does this person think they are? What right do they have to attack someone they have never met in real life with such hatred? Was it because she is successful and is popular with everyone she interacts with? If she did not like what Friend A had to say on her blog, there was always the little red x in the top right hand corner.
No one was pinning her arm behind her back and forcing her to read that blog.
I started to think about this scorpion and remembered something I had read a while back.
I forget where I read it, but it goes like this: 'Hurting people hurt!' This may not make sense right now but read it again.
When you are hurting, it is so easy to lash out at someone else because it makes you feel better about yourself and your situation.
Or does it? The damage to your own soul when you crush someone else is subtle but insidious.
It permeates your soul, slowly hardening your heart until there is no heart beat.
No joy.
No laughter.
No life.
Why would you want to do that to yourself? Words have the power to destroy a person's sense of well being, and shatter their hopes and dreams.
The problem is that words are freely available on the internet.
Every computer literate Tom, Dick and Harry, and their sisters have a blog where they share their lives or thoughts.
Be gentle with them.
They are real people, not just a user name.
Here's the bit that left me shattered.
This so called 'it's up to me' scorpion never left her name.
It was an anonymous comment.
No link back to her website or blog, no initials, just a text box filled with cowardly poison.
My advice to Friend A was to 'Forgive them, pray for them, forget them and move on.
' There are thousands of wonderful people connecting on the internet.
The few scorpions will eventually crawl back under their rocks.
The question is: Are you one of them or are you changing people's lives for the better with your words?

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