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How to Hang Tile on a Wall

Wall tile, used in showers and tub areas, has many other applications.
Common areas for wall tile include backsplashes and wainscoting in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
Instead of replacing damaged drywall, remodeling contractors often use tile to hide these areas.
Tile murals, tiles with designs painted or printed on them, transforms a bare wall into a work of art.
Tile mural makers can take any picture and print it onto a series of tiles to match a wall of any size.
Instructions 1.
Measure the wall with a tape measure to find the side-to-side center of the wall.
Mark this spot with a pencil.
Draw a plumb line on this mark with a pencil, using a four-foot bubble level to keep the line plumb.
Measure the height of a tile.
Measure from the floor up the wall this height and make a pencil mark.
Use a pencil and bubble level to draw a level line at this mark.
Spread tile mastic with a V-notch glue trowel under the horizontal level line.
Avoid covering the center line with mastic.
Press the tile into the glue, starting in the center.
The center tile must have its edges even with both the horizontal and vertical lines.
Keep the top of each tile even with the horizontal line.
Cut the end tiles if needed with a tile cutter.
Mark each cut with a pencil.
Place the pencil mark on the tile cutter rib.
Press the handle and the tile will break along the rib.
Spread tile mastic with the V-notch glue trowel on one side of the center line above the first row.
Only spread as much glue as you can cover with tile in 45 minutes.
Press the wall tiles into the mastic.
Start at the center line and work to the wall's corner.
The edge of the center tile must line up with the center line and each tile in the row must line up with the tile directly underneath the one it's sitting on.
Set all of the tiles on the first half before moving to the second half.
Set the tiles on the second half of the wall the same way as they were set on the first half.
Wash the wet glue off of the tile with a sponge.
Keep the sponge clean by wringing it in a bucket of water repeatedly.
Allow the glue to dry.
Mix grout in a bucket with water with a margin trowel.
The grout should have the consistency of a stick of butter.
Spread the grout onto the wall with a rubber grout float.
Use a lot of force to completely penetrate the grout joints.
Clean the wall with a wet sponge.
Use circular motions.
Wring the sponge with water after each pass over a group of tiles.
Remove the grout haze from the tiles with a clean, dry rag after the grout has dried 24 hours.

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