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Types of Poses

    Yoga Poses

    • Yoga poses are implemented for health, breathing, and stretching purposes. There are several different kinds of yoga poses , but just a few main yoga styles. Some of the different disciplines of yoga include Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga, Ivengar, Kundalini, or Vinyasa yoga. Each yoga discipline has its own focus and style of poses. Samples of yoga poses include moving yoga poses, yoga poses performed in a hot room yoga poses that stimulate deeper breathing, t stress-relieving yoga poses and stretching poses. The level of difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced.

    Meditation Poses

    • Meditation poses are implemented when a person needs to sit, unmoved, for a certain amount of time. These postures must be comfortable and relaxing, but requires enough effort where you won't fall over or doze off to sleep. Some popular meditation posts include sitting in a chair with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle with your back erect and your feet comfortably planted on the ground, sitting on the ground with your legs crossed and your feet tucked under your knees. The later pose can be taken a bit further by tucking your right foot on top of the left leg or even tucking both feet so they are on top of your inner thighs. For all meditation poses your back should be straight with your head in a comfortable, neutral position.

    Photography Poses

    • Photography comes with its own set of poses, depending on the circumstances or, whether it is a professional photography shoot or a candid home photograph. Look poses that recreate everyday activities or action shots that catch the person in a pose that looks like they are in the middle of an action such as throwing or catching a ball. A close-up pose shows a person's face and shoulders. This pose is often used in school photos; whereas a full body shot encompasses the whole body. The posture, body gesture and position of the limbs can vary, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve.

    Artistic Poses

    • Artists often use live models as subjects of their art. Live model poses help artists to obtain the right proportions, angles and shadowing for their artwork. Poses used for modeling purposes are often held for a long period of time while the artist works. A stretching pose is a shorter pose that can be used to simply warm up the art model or it can be used to demonstrate irregular shapes or actions for the artist. A moving poses is as it sounds; it is a moving, but done in slow motion so that the artist can see the full range of movement showing the action from many different angles. A character pose allows the poser to display different moods or emotions for the artist. There are also natural poses where the subject gets into a comfortable position, often holding this type of pose for a long period of time.

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