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What Is Small Business for, Just for Living?

PHP and ASP allow customers to use interactive interface to check and buy a product from a few hundred to thousands of commodities either interrelated or irrelevant among one another. WordPress and Magento now allow easy and fast batch upload of products into different categories. I am also a webmaster for an old website that uses old-fashioned and almost obsolete PHP code but the website is running pretty well. The database, although not so friendly to manage, from Access, still it is pretty convenient to change all the information without altering code in editor.
The business model of a website with such function, a warehouse and a recognized brand, takes small businesses decades to build up. Easy said than done. But if you know this is the core edge of a company, say, vending a radio equipment, will you devote yourself whole life in running this business? Bored, or just too low an aim?
This idea actually has been making me mesmerized from yesterday to today. I was eager to share with others my new finding and searched on AliExpress and Alibaba for suitable products with such characteristics of several hundred of parts and accessories that are easy to replace from customers' end. And with Google paid advertising, boom! Excitement!
This afternoon I cooled down a little bit. Not easy. Magento and WordPress are not completely revolutionary tools for database. The old PHP websites are functioning well enough to sell those inter-related products. The core of business is marketing and branding, not the website. It is like currently SEO that is more important than website building although the latter is also vital to retain customers to stay on site. For instance, I build a site for oil painting reproductions, but it keeps quiet unless I pay Google to place on top of the first page for certain keywords searching.
As a business graduate, sometimes when studying a business model, I can easily detect know their core essence of competitiveness, but it is very difficult to achieve the real revenue and profit. For example, local Miami companies have a cluster effect in purchasing retired or old airplanes and dissemble them into parts and sell to different countries including China, India etc. It is simple, right? You buy a plane and dissect it into pieces, and sell it. But how much? How to? Where to? Whom to hire? More questions. Small business, although with a good concept, such as in the case of an entrepreneur once I talked to, devoting his whole life in order to bring bamboo slippers to bedrooms, will take a bunch of people whole lives' work time to build up. Like work ants, without even knowing what is their higher ambition of life, they have reached their garbage age for work. This is my 10th year in picture to painting business. Where is my ambition in youth? Do I fulfill it in this business? I need to ponder. What about you? Did you pause to contemplate?

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