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Custom-Made Window Treatments

    Treatments for Custom Homes

    • Owners of older homes often find the windows in their homes are oddly sized, and that means that custom-made window treatments may be needed. To determine which windows will need custom window treatments and which ones can use standard sizes, it is important to get precise measurements for each window. Doing a simple drawing of the home can be a big help, especially before shopping. Refer back to the drawing as you shop, marking each window off the list. After non-custom window treatments have been purchased, it is time to look at how to dress up oddly sized windows.

    Make Your Own

    • If you are handy with a sewing machine, you may be able to save a great deal of money by making your own curtains and other custom window treatments. The patterns needed to make curtains and other home decor items are widely available, as is the material and accessories needed to make them. If you plan to make window treatments, you will need a sewing machine capable of working with heavy fabrics. You must factor in the costs of all materials and supplies when deciding whether to make your own curtains or have someone else make them for you.

    Adapt Existing Treatments

    • In some cases you may find it less expensive to tailor existing window treatments to fit oddly sized windows. If you have a window that is shorter or narrower than a standard window, use your sewing skills to hem or trim them to the proper size and length. You may be able to breathe new life into old window treatments that would otherwise have been thrown away. If you have old curtains with frayed or bare spots on the bottom, repurpose them by trimming the bare spots off to fit a shorter window and hemming the curtains. If you can't sew, take your curtains to a local seamstress to have them adjusted to fit your uniquely sized windows. Remember to take complete measurements of every window before you get started. This will help ensure you get just the sizes you need.

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