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The Best Beaches in Pacific Mexico

    • Acapulco is a popular beach destination in Pacific Mexico.Acapulco image by Cano from

      The Pacific Coast features some of Mexico's most popular beach resorts, along with other lesser-known but pristine shoreline spots and small coastal villages. Mexico's Pacific Coast region features popular spots for water sports, miles of palm trees, golden beaches and picturesque bays, excellent surfing waves, active nightlife, elegant dining and luxury accommodations, fishing villages and bird-watching spots.

      Pacific Mexico boasts the local and international beach resort destinations of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Oaxaca.


    • Acapulco is a city and major seaport in the state of Guerrero along the Pacific Coast, about 190 miles southwest of Mexico City. Also known as "The Pearl of the Pacific," it features resorts that line a sheltered bay. It is acknowledged as the first Pacific city that rose into international popularity to beachgoers from around the world.

      Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal destinations and is located on a deep, semi-circular bay. It is also an important port of call for cruise and shipping lines, mainly running between Panama and San Francisco. Popular beach destinations around Acapulco include the Playa Manzanillo, Punta Diamante and Puerto Marques.

    Puerto Vallarta

    • Puerto Vallarta is another famous coastal town in the northern part of Mexico's Pacific Coast. It features 25 miles of beaches and a historic center with a number of whitewashed buildings and churches. These structures date back to the older days when the city was the primary port of entry for ships arriving from China and the Philippines.

      Puerto Vallarta features many cobbled streets and architectural sights that exude the old traditional feel, while being set in a top oceanfront location. Popular beach spots around the area include the Bahia de Banderas and Punta Mita.


    • Oaxaca, also known as the country's culinary capital, is home to Huatulco, a popular local beach destination. It covers hundreds of miles of Pacific coastline and features mostly a mountainous and rugged terrain right down to the coast. Rich in tradition, culture and cuisine, the coast of Oaxaca is well placed in the tropical zone, offering little seasonal variation in temperature for the entire year.

      Apart from enjoying the crystal clear waters of its many beaches including the popular ones Playa La Entrega, Playa Consuelo and Playa La Manzanilla, Oaxaca is also known as a sophisticated dining town with restaurants serving both traditional and updated versions of the world-famous Oaxacan regional cuisine.

      The area is responsible for producing an alternative tipple to tequila. For centuries, it has provided top chocolate treats as well. It is also famous for its different moles, a name for the spicy sauces eaten in most Oaxacan meals.

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