Vizio TV Vs. Polaroid
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Vizio TV Vs. Polaroid


    Vizio's Specialty

    • Vizio is a relatively new company that is almost solely focused on manufacturing and selling flat-panel televisions. The product's section of Vizio's website offers an array of around 60 TVs, with a variety of accessory products offered on a sidebar. On the Vizio website, a consumer can purchase a television and all the mounting and wiring equipment needed to install that TV in a living room.

    Vizio Products

    • Because Vizio is focused on grabbing a large share of the TV market, the company offers many big-screen TVs at competitive prices. In early 2010, the Vizio website presented a 19-inch LCD TV for around $350, a 32-inch LCD TV for about $500 and a 55-inch LCD TV for around $2,200. Vizio's website will also tell you that the company is America's No. 1 LCD HDTV company, a claim that Vizio cites as verified by the iSuppli U.S. TV market tracker.

    Polaroid's Specialty

    • Polaroid, a company whose name is synonymous with a certain kind of obsolete instant photo film, has recently manufactured televisions that could be purchased at places like Wal-Mart. However, Wal-Mart's website, as of early 2010, showed no Polaroid televisions.

    Polaroid Products

    • In early 2010, Polaroid advertised a 15.6-inch LCD TV for around $500 and an 18.5-inch LCD TV for around $700, but the company offers a much more diverse selection of digital cameras. In addition, the Polaroid PoGo, a digital camera that produces printouts, re-establishes the company in the instant photo genre. Like Wal-Mart, doesn't offer a Polaroid television, though it does advertise a Polaroid 7-inch portable DVD player.

    Which TV Should I Buy?

    • Compared against the entire TV market, Vizio seems like a solid buy. Most reviews have positive input and the technical drawbacks are only of concern to the most distinguishing viewers. Furthermore, Vizio offers the larger screens at extremely competitive prices. It might be the best TV for the money, though its reputation isn't quite on the level of Samsung and Sony. Compared to Polaroid, Vizio is an obvious choice as it offers bigger televisions at lower prices, while Polaroid seems to be backing away from the television market.

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