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Bigger Arms Without Weights

When plans are made by someone to work the bicep muscles, they usually resort to different variations of bicep curls. Biceps trained by routines such as this will most assuredly help however, exercises that you can do without lifting weights may work better. You see, the bicep is such a small muscle that when isolated, it feels no need to recruit much muscle fibers. In order for a muscle to grow, you must break down these muscle fibers and allow them time to recover and rebuild. In my view, pulls ups and chin ups do a significantly better job at building the biceps than your average bicep curl.

What Makes Them More Efficient?
Not only will these bicep muscle exercises use your stabilizers, but more fibers within the muscle will be used as well. Pull ups and chin ups like these will activate more fibers within the muscle and give you larger and faster growth results. It would be nothing to see much better benefits in your biceps without ever doing any other sort of curl exercise again.

The great thing about pull ups and chins ups is they are also perfect for the back also. bicep exercises without weights like this will certainly concentrate on numerous groups of muscles at the same time. Testosterone is produced in greater quantities during exercise routines such as this and as such assists in developing bigger muscles.

The way to Complete bicep exercises without weights
You should use a variety of grips to get the most benefit of a bicep exercise that does not utilize weights. Some of the grips you can use are:

Standard grip

Wide Grip

Close Grip

Underhand Grip

Underhand wide Grip

In conclusion, the fastest way to see gains with your biceps is to use a routine that incorporates chin ups and pull ups.

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