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Cuttlefish Sizes and Nature

Identity Crisis According to Cuttlefish Cuttlefish maybe a fish by name but seriously, it is not a fish.
These sea creatures or marine animals are considered to be categorized under the order of Sepiida and class Cephalopoda (in accordance to their right taxonomy).
In a sense, these cuttlefishes are closely related to nautiluses, octopuses (or octopi) and squid which are also of class Cephalopoda.
Nonetheless, they are deemed to be mollusks according to the right scientific perspective.
Like its closely related marine creatures, studies shown that cuttlefish is one of the most intelligent amongst invertebrates.
About The Origin of Cuttlefish 'Cudele' is considered to be the closest word from which the word cuttlefish was derived.
It was an old English word meaning testicle or cushion which could be traced from the Norwegian word 'koddi'.
Some asserted that cuttlefish's name could also be derived from 'kudel' which means pouch in Middle German that pertains to the shape of the said sea creature.
In the early Greco-Roman civilization, cephalopods, in general, had been one of the best sources of the distinctive brown pigment that is said to be 'sepia'.
Some Added Information On Cuttlefish Cuttlefish uses their denticulated suckers on tentacles to hold or secure their prey as they eat.
Anatomically speaking, a cuttlefish has eight arms, a W-shaped pupils and an internal shell called the cuttlebone.
In terms of their sizes, their average measurements measure between 5.
9 inches to 908 inches (15 to 25 centimeters).
With the case of the Sepia apama (a large species of cuttlefish), these marine dwellers could grow from fifty centimeters (20 inches) and could weigh over 10.
5 kilograms (23 pounds).
Their lifespan could reach more or less two years.
Cuttlefish's usual diets are other cuttlefish (most likely of weaker kind or smaller), worms, octopi (or octopuses), fishes, shrimps, crabs and mollusks as well.
Cuttlefish Culinary Significance to Humans Cuttlefishes are popular delicacies in the English Channel, East Asia, the Mediterranean and practically elsewhere.
Their closest relative which is the squid is definitely more recognized or popular as food in any parts of the world but these cuttlefishes are famous as snack food, especially in East Asia where they are shredded and dried.
In Italy, the Risotto al Nero di Seppia's main ingredient is the cuttlefish and the Italian phrase literally means, 'black cuttlefish rice'.
The Crni Rizot of Croatia is also a famous cuttlefish delicacy as well.
In Portugal, cuttlefish is usually prepared with red kidney beans, especially in the region of the Setubal City.

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