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How to Replace a Taillight Bulb in a 1995 Chevrolet C1500

    • 1). Locate the bulb to be replaced by turning on the vehicle lights. Lower the tailgate for easier access to the taillights. Turn the lights off.

    • 2). Use the T-handle Torx bit wrench to remove the screws from the sides of the taillight assembly.

    • 3). Grip the taillight by hand and pull it out from the C1500's cargo bed corner.

    • 4). Remove the bulb socket from the taillight by turning the socket counterclockwise until the socket separates from the taillight.

    • 5). Push down on the bulb and twist it to remove it from the socket. Insert the new bulb in the socket and twist it to lock it in place.

    • 6). Insert the bulb socket back in the taillight. Return the taillight assembly to its original position. Insert the screws in the sides and close the tailgate. Turn on the C1500's lights to make sure the light you replaced is working.

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