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Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips - Give Light Tackle a Try!

Regardless of where you live or how tough the conditions are on the lake you are fishing, there are always some bass that can be coaxed into biting.
Sure, we all know that there are going to be days when nothing works and you will go home empty handed.
That is what prompts us to keep learning and improve our bass fishing skills.
This article will provide some largemouth bass fishing tips that will, hopefully, keep you from getting skunked when the conditions are tough.
If you resist the temptation to run around the lake, and if you stay with some simple proven, techniques, then you can certainly reduce your number of fishless days.
When the fishing is tough, the worst mistake that can be made is to abandon a proven area without trying a variety of techniques.
This is when slowing down your lure presentation and light tackle comes into play.
It's not easy to slow down and thoroughly fish a certain area since it requires patience and persistence, but when the conditions are tough and the fish are not aggressive, it is the best way to make the most out of limited time.
We have all heard that big baits catch big bass, but small lures on light line catch all sizes of fish when nothing else works.
The next time you find yourself fishing in tough conditions try downsizing your tackle.
Try using a spinning rod with 6 to 8 lbs.
test line with lures that are 1/16 to 1/4 oz and cover virtually every inch of the area.
This is the time when you will need to slow down, fish tight to the cover, and keep your lures in the strike zone longer.
Light tackle allows you to offer a more subtle, slower moving presentation with smaller lures.
Small lures tend to look more natural and tend to convince reluctant fish to strike especially when the conditions are tough.
Light tackle allows you to do a lot of things differently.
Obviously, the downfall is that it is more fragile and you will be more likely to lose some fish and some lures.
However, with the proper equipment and quality line, you can handle some mighty big bass on light tackle.
So, the next time you are fishing in tough conditions and the fish don't seem to be biting, remember these largemouth bass fishing tips and give light tackle a try.
Perhaps you won't get skunked and come home empty handed.

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