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Beware Of Facebook Jail! Internet Marketers Take Note

How do you get around this?

First off lets talk a little about what we should not do.

Adding a bunch of friends at one time is a sure way to send up a flag and you will surely get an Email from the Facebook Police.Instead, if you must add friends, try sending requests a little at a time over multiple days. The problem is this takes time and there is still no guarantee that you wont end up in jail. If only one person says they don't know you outside Facebook, your more than likely going to jail for a while.

Posting a bunch of sales pitches may not get you put in jail (when URL is masked) but your friends will not interact as much with you and that is just as bad.

Let your friends find you instead of constantly ramming sales posts down their throat.

What you should do!

Commit a block of time every day (20-30 mins.) to comment,like and share your friends posts. There is no better way to help your own status than to interact with the other users on Facebook, kind of like the old adage I do for you and you do for me.

Before you know it you will be getting tons of friend requests, and that's the best way to add friends.

If you use a little common sense it really is just basic people skills. No one wants to be pushed into something they don't want and Facebook will only be blind to it for so long, then its off to Facebook Jail, or worse you could be banned for good.

The next step is to start a Facebook Fan Page.

This is very easy and should be done as soon as you get rolling on Facebook. Make your page personal. It should be obvious that it is YOUR page and should have a personal picture of you as the backdrop and your name in the title. Add good quality descriptions and bios. in the about me section and add your websites and advertising info in these areas. Let people find your sales ads (they won't feel pressured this way)

Post quality content daily.

Use bright pictures, quotes, written content or a combination to attract people to interact with your posts.

Work on getting 100 likes to your Fan Page as quickly as possible, invite all your friends to like it and run a PPC ad for likes to get to 100. This will unlock more advertising strategies within Facebook.

This of course is just a fraction of what you need to know to make Facebook work within your business.

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