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Types of Crochet

    Filet Crochet

    • Filet crochet uses the chain stitch and the double crochet stitch to make a net or lace piece. The piece resembles a grid, as the holes are square-shaped. The chain stitches use less yarn than the double crochet stitches, which gives the filet its gridlike look. Empty and filled squares alternate in this style. Filet crochet is often used to decorate or embellish pieces, such as curtains, tablecloths and other home decor. It uses thin cotton thread, rather than thick yarn.


    • A common type of crocheting is cro-hooking, sometimes referred to as cro-knitting. Cro-hooking, like Tunisian crochet, is achieved by crocheting with a double ended crochet hook. The double ended hook is soft and supple to allow for it to bend and arch to accommodate tighter knit crochet techniques. Cro-hooking is not a new technique, but it has recently become more fashionable. It is used for a variety of crocheted pieces, including hats, scarves and outerwear that are more tightly knit and insulated.

    Delicate Lace

    • Delicate lace is a type of crochet that is made from arranging loops on a hairpin fork. The loops are secured to the fork with a crochet stitch, and then loops are woven together to make strips of hairpin lace. This kind of crochet is widely popular in different types of shawls and afghans. Crocheted baby blankets also use this type, since the wide loops make the blanket more breathable.


    • Amigurumi is a Japanese style of crocheting stuffed animals and creatures. The word amigurumi translates crocheted ("ami") stuffed doll ("gurumi"). These decorative creatures are made using the single crochet stitch and a very small needle to achieve a tight gauge. Sections of the doll are crocheted, stuffed with polyester filling and then knit together. Amigurumi figures are often displayed in a collection.

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