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How to Crochet an Edge on a Knifty Knitter Hat?

    Gauge Swatch

    • 1). Crochet a chain about 3 inches long. Chain one, then turn. Do one single crochet stitch in each chain until you reach the starting point. Tie off and trim the loose yarn.

    • 2). Lay the hat on a flat surface, with its opening facing you. Lay the gauge swatch next to the opening so that the upper border of the swatch is parallel and next to the edge of the opening.

    • 3). Count the number of stitches in the swatch. Count the number of stitches of the edge of the cap, in the space as long as the swatch. Divide the larger number by the smaller number. For example, if 10 crocheted stitches take up the same space as 20 knitted stitches, the crocheted stitches are twice as wide as the knitted stitches. You will have to skip every other knitted stitch when crocheting the border.

    Crocheting the Border

    • 1). Insert the crochet hook under the loop of any knitted edge stitch. Yarn over, then draw the hook through the edge of the cap. Yarn over, then draw the hook through the loop on the hook. Pull to tighten the knot. Referring to your edging pattern and calculation based on the gauge swatch, begin crocheting right to left if you are right-handed and left to right if you are left-handed.

    • 2). Continue crocheting until you reach the starting point of the round. Slip stitch in the first crochet stitch.

    • 3). Continue crocheting additional rows, if desired. To finish, tie off the last stitch and weave in loose threads.

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