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We Shared Our Pizza With Les Brown - What a Wonderful Lunch Experience!

We shared our pizza with Les Brown - what a wonderful lunch experience! Yep! Sitting there, enjoying the beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas, munching on pizza when Les Brown stops at our table.
"Could I have a piece of pizza - I'm starved!" he asked us.
Who wouldn't hand over their whole pizza to this man who had just spoken at the event we were attending? This man whose smile lights up the world and whose heart is as big as God's! That moment will stay in my memory forever, but it's not because he was a celebrity, a well-known inspiration speaker who has been all over the world, who has changed so many lives with his powerful messages of hope and strength and faith.
No, it's because he was REAL.
Real enough to approach us and ask for help.
We had something he needed and he asked us to share.
Les Brown speaks life into people.
We soak up his teachings like thirsty sponges...
Just this morning, I read his post on Facebook and felt the power and truth resonate in my heart: "Don't allow your dream to get run over by life.
Jump out of the fast lane, and take the time to determine who and what are really important.
Sometimes the major stumbling block to your success are the people who surround you.
If they have allowed their dreams to die, and are simply waiting to be buried...
you and your dream may be the next casualty.
Find something that resonates with your heart.
Pursue your passion.
Decide to master something! You have talents, abilities, skills, and ideas that need you to live.
It would be scandalous if you didn't use your own resources to make a difference in your own life; change your community; and improve the lives of people that you care about.
Explode what's possible in your own life.
You and your dream deserve another chance!!" ~ Les Brown It's no coincidence that Les's words found their way to my heart today.
In a few short weeks, I will walk away from my full-time job to live our dream - the dream that has been building and unfolding for the past few years.
In a few short weeks, I will be free to live life on my own terms - working and living and traveling fulltime in our RV.
In a few short weeks, I will be my own boss, working fulltime from home instead of spending 8 hours a day working for someone else.
I will no longer live a life divided.
Thank you, Les Brown, for your words, your character, your example and your belief in living your dream.
We are doing it - anyone can do it, too!

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