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Real Estate Investors - The Number 1 Advertising Tip

Are you a Real Estate Investor always on the lookout for deals? Are you ready for a really cheap and easy way to advertise? Advertise on your vehicle! Lettering that you can put on your windows or magnets for your doors are a low cost way to spread the word that you buy houses.
Don't want your day job to see the advertising? Use magnets and take them off before you pull into the office parking lot.
But, always make sure the magnets are on for your commute.
For many people this is an hour or more of time where lots of people can see your advertising.
Driving the kids to one of his/her sporting events...
make sure the magnets are on.
Going to the mall to do some shopping? How about the grocery store? Leave the magnets on! Vehicle advertising for Real Estate Investors is a really easy way to get your message out to a lot of people for a low one-time cost.
And it's not only for buying homes...
one of my best contacts came on a Sunday morning at a Coffee & Donut Shop.
I have big white "I BUY HOUSES" lettering with my phone number and web address attached to the back windshield of my vehicle.
It was a Sunday morning and I ran out to the local Donut Shop to pick up breakfast.
I walked out of the store coffee in hand and eating, (probably even had powdered sugar on my face) not paying attention to the person parked next to me when he says, Is that your car? I replied Yes it is and we started talking about the house buying business.
He then told me that he had IRA/401k money to lend and asked me if I would be interested in talking about teaming up.
let me think for a 1/2 a second - YES! You see he went on to explain that he lost money in the stock market and now he only lends his money out to Real Estate Investors because it's a much better (and quicker) return on his investment.
I gave him a business card (ALWAYS have cards on you!) and we hooked up again shortly thereafter.
As Real Estate Investors it is important to tell the world what you want so the world will bend over backwards to help you get it!

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