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Grand Canyon - Bus Trips During the Course of Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is almost here, and it's always a busy time at the beautiful Grand Canyon. That's why travelers in the know have already started making their plans for Spring Break Grand Canyon bus tours. Motor coach tours are incredibly popular among vacationers so if you don't reserve your seats early, you may have difficulty getting tickets.

You will find plenty of daily tours to choose from that go to either the South Rim of the West Rim. They begin in either Phoenix, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada. You can book a bus tour to the South Rim from either city, but if you want to take a bus to the West Rim, you have to leave from Las Vegas. There is no bus tour that goes to both rims. You can probably book an overnight motor coach tour, but there aren't as many of those available as day trips.

It is great to be in Vegas because you can book a motor coach to the South Rim or the West Rim. The South Rim is probably the more popular destination, plus it is all-inclusive and affordable. That means most fees are included in the price such as breakfast, lunch, shuttle service to and from your hotel on the Strip, and fees at the National Park. Your driver also serves as your tour guide.

You will enjoy a full-day adventure. You'll drive by Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Grand Canyon West before arriving at the National Park. When you get to the rim, you will have a three hour break when you can explore nature up close. That allows you ample time to see the sights before you board the motor coach and head back to Vegas.

I want to specifically mention one particular South Rim bus tour package because I think it's tremendously exciting. It lets you take a chopper flight over the over the canyon from rim to rim. Although this add-on is an added expense, you get the rare opportunity to see Dragoon Corridor from the air which is the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon. I think this experience alone is well worth the extra cost!

Other full-day, all-inclusive Las Vegas tours visit the West Rim, but it's a shorter drive than the tours that go to the South Rim. These tours provide ample time for you to explore the canyon once you get there and they also provide free shuttle service to your Strip hotel. The West Rim has a lot of fun points of interest such as:

- Guano Point Lookout

- Eagle Point

- The interesting Indian Cultural Center

- The famous Hualapai Ranch

Here are some more exciting adventures you can add to your bus tour package:

- Passes to walk on the glass bridge Skywalk

- A chopper flight that lands on the canyon's bottom

- A relaxing floating tour on the Colorado River

The Hualapai tribe who owns Grand Canyon West, have plans to build a new hotel there along with gift shops and a VIP lounge with breathtaking scenic views.

Because Spring Break Grand Canyon coach tours are so popular, I urge you to book yours well in advance. This is even more important if you are traveling with a group, try to get your seats at least a week in advance. If you wait too long, you may get disappointed. These tours often sell out.

It is best to book your motor coach tour online. The tour operators offer their best discounts directly on their websites. They have the authority to offer the lowest price since you cut out the middleman. I've gotten as much as 35% off retail by booking my own motor coach tours this way!

To get the steep Internet discount though, you have to conduct your entire transaction online. Otherwise, you will pay full price when you don't need to.

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