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How do I Replace the Motherboard in a Gateway DS 400 XL Notebook?

    • 1). Purchase a motherboard from Gateway, which has a spare parts department. If you search the Internet, you should be able to find a lower-cost board from a discounter.

    • 2). Turn the laptop over and remove the 10 screws with a small Phillips-head screwdriver. Place the screws in an empty egg carton to avoid losing them.

    • 3). Carefully remove the bottom of the case and put aside. Remove the eight screws holding the motherboard onto the chassis and again place the screws in a well in an egg carton.

    • 4). Take a close-up picture with a digital camera to facilitate the ease of replacement. This will record the cables and orientation of the connected components.

    • 5). Disconnect the cables attached to the motherboard carefully. These will be a video cable, power cables, keyboard cables, etc.

    • 6). Carefully lift up the system board and set aside to be recycled. Insert the new Motherboard carefully and replace the screws.

    • 7). Attach the cables back onto the motherboard. Put the cover back on and insert the screws. Turn the laptop over, plug in the power cord and turn on.

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