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Learning Activities That Your Child Will Enjoy

Creating bonding time with your child is a good way of establishing a close relationship.
If you want your bonding time to be more exciting and productive then you should engage in learning activities that you and your kids will surely enjoy.
There are actually a lot of learning activities that you can choose from.
Some of the best learning activities that your kids will surely love are the following: 1.
Reading stories.
Reading stories with your children is a really fun way to bond.
Doing this will create the idea that you value reading as a learning activity.
Also, you get to learn about the imaginations of your child.
Choose good reading materials that will let them learn something while having fun.
Choose books with vivid colors and great pictures to get the attention of your child.
Answering riddles.
Riddles are really fun.
Try to take turns in asking riddles with your child to develop his critical thinking and imagination.
You will be surprised with how far their imagination can go just to come up with the right answer.
Singing songs.
Songs are considered to be among the most effective teaching tools for children.
Kids remember things better if they can attribute it to a melody.
If your child is having a hard time to memorize some important things in his lesson, encourage them to create a song out of it.
You may use their favorite song and replace the original lyrics with the information that he needs to memorize.
The melody attributed to the facts will surely be remembered by your child.
Pretend plays.
Children, especially preschoolers, are fond of doing pretend plays.
The most common role that they play is their dream profession.
If your child wants to be a doctor, they may ask you to buy a doctor play set.
You should encourage pretend plays because it gives your child the freedom to express the desires of their heart.
You may try to participate in their pretend plays.
For instance, if your child is pretending to be a doctor, you may join his play by acting as a patient.
By doing so, you are inferring that you are supporting them with their ambitions.
This is really important because it boosts a child's confidence.
Make bonding time with your children more special by doing some learning activities that develop their cognitive and social skills.

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