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Embroidered Polo Shirts - How to Use Them in Your Promotional Campaign

Embroidered polo shirts have proven to be an excellent item for advertising in any kind of business.
However, in choosing a polo shirt as an instrument for a promotional campaign, the perceptive businessman will keep a few factors in mind.
Firstly, you should choose a right method of putting your logo, message, tagline, contacts or even URL on the fabric.
Why should one choose embroidery and not printing? Both of them are practical and effective, and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Embroidery can be used for all sorts of workwear, on different uniforms, and promotional clothes for special occasions such as the anniversary of the company, important presentations, trade show, all sorts of exhibitions etc.
Embroidered polo shirts get your logo on them with the help of a computerised sewing machine: you provide the design to a branding company, and they redraw it manually so that the sewing machine can read it.
Of course, a simple text is easier and cheaper to create then a sophisticated drawing, and this should be taken into consideration while planning your expenses.
Embroidery in comparison with printing provides a high quality of design: your logo will be perfectly visible, and not affected by frequent washing, something that is extremely important if the shirt is used on a regular basis, for example, as a uniform.
The design will last for a long time, which makes your embroidered polo shirts a reliable and long functional promotional tool.
However, embroidery can have some disadvantages, but of course it is possible to avoid them - here is a small discussion on how to do just that.
For example, it is difficult to show little details on an embroidered design, so you should not include them in your promotional message.
Also, of course, embroidery can be expensive in large sizes, so you should carefully consider the measurements of your tentative design.
The colour scheme of your logo should be carefully planned too - embroidery will not show the shadows and half tones of the colours, if that is what is required.
Once you get your polo shirts embroidered, it then becomes important to get the most that you can out of them, so that you get a return on your investments and to make sure that this promotional strategy contributes as much as possible to the future successes of your business.
To this end, use embroidered polo shirts as a uniform for your employees: for office clerks, couriers, and services workers.
Thanks to the universal nature of polo shirts, they can be worn in any surroundings: in a casual business atmosphere or for working out.
Use them as giveaways for your valued customers, partners, suppliers and even just visitors.
A well designed polo shirt with your logo on it will make a nice gift for special occasions: giving a polo shirt as a present would be considered a warm and thoughtful move.
Let a polo shirt with your logo on it be a part of the official attire during some sports events.
In any case, embroidered polo shirts guarantee a successful promotional campaign.
They will not disappoint you, and you will definitely use them in your strategies over and over again.

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